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You're Modern Home deck will be a natural hit!
"Take it outside!" Families with kids, pets, or a spouse who likes to have buddies over knows what that means. Decks are the prefect way to let family and guests enjoy a natural living space that is just a step outside the door. We've found that homeowners usually have a concept for their deck, but the process stops there. Adding a deck to your home "properly" requires more than a load of lumber on a Saturday morning. To get it right structurally, geographically and aesthetically, you need a qualified deck building partner. One who has a deep understanding of spacial design, terrain and sun exposure, landscape, drainage, construction, wood and composite materials, stairing, fastening systems, electrical, proper staining and preservative techniques - We are that remodeler.

Leave this one to the professionals

free hammock offerBringing that dream to reality should be left to a professional who can guarantee appropriate design, safety and materials use for the long life for your deck. Cincinnati's hilly terrain is also a major consideration when thinking of installing a deck yourself. We are specialists in assuring the proper piered foundation is built into the plan and that all necessary permits are in place before building begins. If you are seeking a passionate remodeler who uses best-practices in the design and construction of these unique and peaceful deck spaces - We are that remodeler.

Modern Home Cincinnati is experienced in building with traditional pressure-treated pine, cedar, hardwood and today's low maintenance composites.

We involve you, the homeowner throughout the entire process to ensure that the deck we build for you "fits the dream." The following is a walk-through of our process.

New deck installation process
• No obligation, in-home consultation, idea and budget meeting
• If hired, our designers prepare initial design concepts for your review
• A favored rough design is chosen for formalization
• We prepare a firm design and timeline
• Modern Home acquires the needed permits and building materials
• Construction begins - set to your schedule
• Punch list - final walk-through & touch ups to deliver as-promised
• Spouse goes outside with buddies to enjoy new deck!

Existing Deck Renovation
If you have a deck that you've loved for a long time, it may be in need of a little renovation to bring it back to its glory days. Modern Home can match your existing deck materials, replace worn or broken decking, repair poor or failing supports, power wash, stain and seal or paint your deck and have you out on it remembering all of the great no time! If you need a Cincinnati deck refinisher that will bring your favorite outdoor space back to life quickly, properly and save you money - We are that remodeler.

Passion in the Modern world

I'm John Helbling, owner of Modern Home Cincinnati. In life you meet many people. Many spend their day at the grindstone. A few spend theirs pushing, striving for something that's always just ahead. I like to think that I am the latter of the two. I make each day count. I work toward best outcome. I'm passionate about what I do. I love to make the old new again. I revere craftsnmanship. I am proud to be an entreprenuer and I'm driven by success. Let's put my passion to work on your next home remodeling project.

Our satisfaction promise

100 satisfactionModern Home works to ensure your satisfaction during all stages of our remodeling process. If at any time you are unsatisfied, we will make every efffort to get it right, many times going beyond the scope of work required to ensure it. You, our valued client, have our personal guarantee of 100% satisfaction. We are not finished until all agreed work is completed to your liking. That is our promise to you.


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