Cincinnati Hardwood Installation

What's under-foot in your remodel is never overlooked by our Modern Home flooring team. Beautiful new floors are the final crowning component to a great home or business renovation. We have extensive experience in installation of today's beautiful and durable hardwoods, engineered and laminate flooring as well as carpet and tile.

Craftsmanship is the key

Wood flooring installation requires repetitive, meticulous attention to detail from the first to the final plank. To get to that point, our prep work is extensive. We go to great lengths to analyze and repair subfloor issues before beginning any work. Things such as replacement of weak, rotted or loose substrates, hidden water damage/mold, or fastening that has loosened over time. Not fully addressing underlying issues usually leads to noticeably bad board joints, uneven surfaces and squeaking that will be part of your life for years to come. New floor installation is a commitment and it needs to be installed by true craftsmen with solid experience and knowledge in all substrates. We are that remodeler.

We bring the process to you
Whether you have a single room, an entire home or business that requires new flooring, Modern Home Cincinnati is here to help. We bring everything to you - from estimating, to samples, to dustless installation that happens around your family schedule, we make the process fun and easy.

You've got a buddy in the flooring business
Looking for something really exotic? We'll visit the flooring showrooms with you to provide insights that you might not receive from the salesperson. We'll also shop and compare after the visit to ensure that you are getting the best value in your flooring materials purchase. We are passionate about getting your flooring right. We're here for you to get your project underway and underfoot quickly, for a price that is hard to match.

Modern Home Flooring Services:
• Hardwood installation - Precision work with all of today's classic and exotic wood types
• Floating floor installation - Bamboo, engineered and laminate for durability and easy care
• Hardwood refinishing - Give your original wood floors a second life of natural beauty
• Hardwood repair - Single issues resolved to match the existing floor flawlessly
• Carpet - Specialists in commercial and residential installations
• Tile floor installation - Learn more about this service

Contact us at 513-954-5554 or use the quick contact form on this page to kick off the discussion about your flooring needs.

Passion in the Modern world

I'm John Helbling, owner of Modern Home Cincinnati. In life you meet many people. Many spend their day at the grindstone. A few spend theirs pushing, striving for something that's always just ahead. I like to think that I am the latter of the two. I make each day count. I work toward best outcome. I'm passionate about what I do. I love to make the old new again. I revere craftsnmanship. I am proud to be an entreprenuer and I'm driven by success. Let's put my passion to work on your next home remodeling project.

Our satisfaction promise

100 satisfactionModern Home works to ensure your satisfaction during all stages of our remodeling process. If at any time you are unsatisfied, we will make every efffort to get it right, many times going beyond the scope of work required to ensure it. You, our valued client, have our personal guarantee of 100% satisfaction. We are not finished until all agreed work is completed to your liking. That is our promise to you.


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