Cincinnati Kitchen Remodeling

It makes sense to have a passionate Cincinnati builder as a partner in your kitchen remodel. No other room in your home has as many attributes that come together to make it the heart of your home. From understanding your vision, to quality solutions, to the meticulous craftsmanship that ties it all together, Modern Home Cincinnati is that remodeler.

What level of remodel are you considering?

Replacing a single kitchen attribute
When you walk into your kitchen, does one thing always stand out in a negative way? Maybe it's dated cabinets, chipped laminate counters, worn flooring or poor lighting. You don't need a new kitchen. You just need options to get that one area to look better. You need a remodeler that is just as excited to do the smaller update as the complete remodel. A remodeler that will bring numerous ideas, work within budget, on time and deliver real craftsmanship. For your small kitchen update - We are that remodeler.

Refreshing an existing floorplan
Perhaps you are looking to update your existing kitchen layout? You don't want to take down any walls or move door openings. You basically like your kitchen's setup. You just want to bring new life to a classic. We are experts at redefining existing space and room flow. We'll come with a receptive ear and bring numerous concepts that you may not have considered. It's amazing how a slight floorpan adjustment, or one new attribute, like cabinetry, counters, well-placed lighting or flooring can transform a tired kitchen into one that you can't wait to get home to. If you are looking for a flexible remodeler that can respect the existing while making it exciting and new - We are that remodeler.

A complete remodel
You've felt it a hundred times. Your kitchen is the weak space of your home. It may be cramped, unfriendly to the cook, or awkward for guests. You're ready to expand, reconfigure and open it up to the rest of your home, but, you're not sure exactly how to make it happen... You're not alone. The full-kitchen remodel is the toughest room in the home to envision and get it right. Modern Home understands this well. We will set the stage with insights to improve traffic flow, field-of-vision and maximum usability. We take family size, budget, lifestyle, space and future plans into consideration. Our 3D design then brings the dream to life as the initial stage of our working plan. Quality products are tabled for consideration: choice of cabinet manufactures by grade, subtle things like soft-close dovetailed drawers, any stage crown, under and in-cabinet lighting, recessed or pendent lighting, granite or quartz counters, hardwood or tile flooring, built-in islands with family seating. The options are endless... If you are seeking a remodeler that can bring it all together, make it happen on schedule and within budget - We are that remodeler.

Your kitchen is where family life comes together 
It makes sense to partner with a passionate Cincinnati remodeler who knows kitchens well and can deliver to individual homeowner expectations. Also, one who isn't finished with a project until the customer is thrilled. We are that remodeler.

Passion in the Modern world

I'm John Helbling, owner of Modern Home Cincinnati. In life you meet many people. Many spend their day at the grindstone. A few spend theirs pushing, striving for something that's always just ahead. I like to think that I am the latter of the two. I make each day count. I work toward best outcome. I'm passionate about what I do. I love to make the old new again. I revere craftsnmanship. I am proud to be an entreprenuer and I'm driven by success. Let's put my passion to work on your next home remodeling project.

Our satisfaction promise

100 satisfactionModern Home works to ensure your satisfaction during all stages of our remodeling process. If at any time you are unsatisfied, we will make every efffort to get it right, many times going beyond the scope of work required to ensure it. You, our valued client, have our personal guarantee of 100% satisfaction. We are not finished until all agreed work is completed to your liking. That is our promise to you.


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