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Modern Home is a passionate tile design and installation specialist. Our skilled design team works closely with clients to bring their vision to life, or we'll bring our own concepts for your unique spaces. We're also a knowledgable partner in tile and grout selections, offering expertise in quality versus cost. Our tile installation team brings artisan craftsmanship to each project. We are experts in creating one-of-a-kind tile installations. We view each project as a unique work of art. Let's talk tile for your Modern Home.

Tile...It's been around for awhile

For thousands of years, tile has been a building material of-choice because it has characteristics that other building products can't provide. Whether it's a custom travertine shower, slate patio, glass tile fireplace or business atrium, our Modern Home tile crew is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction. We are installers of an impressive array of hard surface materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, granite or glass. We will be your valued partner, as we cut our way through the myriad of options, patterns and installation possibilities.

Outstanding tile benefits:

• Very environmentally friendly
• Improves indoor air quality
• Hypoallergenic - resists germs better
• Outlasts virtually all other home building materials
• More affordable than other hard-surface materials
• Versatile for home, business or institutional use
• Very easy to care for over time
• #1 option for easy clean up in busy cooking areas
• #1 option for high-traffic areas
• A rainbow of color, texture and pattern options
• Won't fade in sunlight like other materials
• Easy to repair problem areas
• Excellent for outdoor applications
• Naturally water-resistant
• Adds value to any home or business


Passion in the Modern world

I'm John Helbling, owner of Modern Home Cincinnati. In life you meet many people. Many spend their day at the grindstone. A few spend theirs pushing, striving for something that's always just ahead. I like to think that I am the latter of the two. I make each day count. I work toward best outcome. I'm passionate about what I do. I love to make the old new again. I revere craftsnmanship. I am proud to be an entreprenuer and I'm driven by success. Let's put my passion to work on your next home remodeling project.

Our satisfaction promise

100 satisfactionModern Home works to ensure your satisfaction during all stages of our remodeling process. If at any time you are unsatisfied, we will make every efffort to get it right, many times going beyond the scope of work required to ensure it. You, our valued client, have our personal guarantee of 100% satisfaction. We are not finished until all agreed work is completed to your liking. That is our promise to you.


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